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Odor Bomb Instruction     Customer service 989-780-6398

*For use in any car, truck or semi cab.For RV usage use 1 tablet for every 12ft in length

1.- Preparation

Park vehicle away from direct sunlight. Close all doors and windows. (UV light degrades chlorine dioxide).

  • Remove spare tire if exposed to gas.
  • Pull out seats belts and hook them up or wrap them around gear shift or steering wheel

  • Open sun visors

  • Remove floor mats

  • Remove cabin air filter and leave out until after the gassing

  • It’s best to place in the trunk in vehicles where the rear seats fold down

  • Finally best to do at night, as the daytime UV breaks down CLO2 and makes it less effective– 

    Place a plastic basin or plastic sheet under a receptacle. (Basin/Sheet is advised to catch any overflow or if container falls. Use a plastic or glass container with a minimum height of 5 inches to avoid foam overflow. For SUVs/Crew Cabs: Use additional containers (one in front and one in the back).

2.-Chlorine Dioxide Gas Activation

Add  tablet to 1 to 2 oz of warm water. Use a plastic or glass container with high side walls – 20 oz. plastic cup

*Add the water first, then the tablet.

Do not inhale the vapor/gas produced. Leave the car as soon as possible. (Wearing a respirator is advised.)

The duration of the treatment varies based on the severity of odors. It is recommended to leave it for a few hours, overnight, or better 24 hours.

If you require faster results, use an air pump with an air stone.

For the removal of cat urine, you may need to repeat the process 2 or 3 times for optimal effectiveness.

3 – Air-Out

Run the fan or air conditioning at max with air recirculation on for 20-30 minutes.

Open all doors and let fresh air circulate for another 30 minutes or until no chlorine dioxide smell remains.

Cars with memory foam may hold the CLO2 smell longer. Sun exposure or extended airing is advised. Breathing the smell at this concentration is not harmful